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Ludivia Bueno

Ludivia Bueno Velasco is a spiritual teacher originally from the land of Quinchía, surrounded by the majestic sacred mountains and animated by the spirit of the apu who populate it. Belonging to the Embera-Chamì community, Ludivia is the custodian and channeler of the ancestral wisdom of the masters who inhabited this land before her.

Its indigenous heritage dates back to ancient times, permeated by the depths of the mountains and rooted in the Embera-Chami tradition. Ludivia has embraced her role as guardian of this wisdom, giving it as a tool for healing and rebirth. With dedication and respect for traditions, he made available the wealth of knowledge of his ancestors, harmonizing it with his innate creativity.

For years, Ludivia has dedicated herself to the service of healing and life, shining the light of ancestral wisdom through rituals involving the four primordial elements of mother earth and plant medicine.

Fire, water, earth and air become tools in the hands of this spiritual teacher, who intertwines her knowledge with creativity, giving life to profound and transformative healing rituals.

As a compiler of ancestral wisdom, Ludivia embraces and integrates the different wisdoms that permeate Colombia, being inspired by the multiple influences of the ancestral and indigenous cultures that characterize the land she calls home.

Ludivia Bueno Velasco presents herself as a bridge between the past and the present, between the mountains and the cities, offering a message of healing and connection with the wisdom of the earth. Her presence is a call to rediscover the roots and the harmonious integration of ancient traditions into the present, a journey into the magic of reconnection with one's soul and the feeling of the heart.


Gilmer Velasquez

The Andean musician and luthier of traditional instruments, Gilmer, is also a student of ethnoeducation at the Technological University of Pereira. Passionate supporter of the study of ancestral medicines, he promotes their conscious and responsible practice.

Gilmer leads circles of words and songs to connect us with the magical universe of elementals and mother plants. These meetings aim for healing and inner understanding, addressing topics such as self-love and healing through the word.

Medicines such as mambe, ambil, rapé, abuelo tobacco, among others, are integrated into the millennial language of power plants. With the singing of the wayra, we hear melodies that heal our spirit, like a shining star that illuminates the hearts of those who seek answers to their questions.


Hector Rivera

Mushroom grower and facilitator, originally from a splendid land between mountains and indigenous traditions called Quinchia Risaralda, on the Western Cordillera.

With over 11 years of experience in the cultivation of various varieties of mushrooms, from food and functional ones to entheogenic ones or called "Sacred Children" in the cosmovision of our Mazatec brothers.

"The luck and incredible experience of being able to cultivate, understand and connect them have allowed me, like many others, to access the magical and wonderful information of quantum universes between shadows and lights. To this day, I continue on this journey, not only by cultivating , but also by serving with passion and love every being with whom we have the privilege and honor of connecting today."

“Individual and collective internal work is our best path in this constant learning, which we have the pleasure of sharing constantly, in synchrony, between ourselves, others and the totality of the eternal present.”

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Maya Sebastianelli

Originally from Rome, she stands out as a scholar of holistic sciences with a specific specialization in systemic conscious circular breathing through Ghenesis Breathing.

Initiated as a Medicine Woman Master in Colombia by a healer of the Embera-Chamí culture, she enriched her knowledge with the integration of rituals, including Bach Flower Remedies, psychomagic rituals, spiritual constellations, imaginative therapies, shamanic journeys and regressions/channellings of past lives and Kabbalistic Angelology. Maya is also the creator of the family constellation movement in Rome and Pereira.

Since 2021, he has been leading group seminars both in person and online in various parts of Italy, Colombia and Mexico. She actively collaborates with other holistic centers and organizations and contributed to the creation of a free information portal on holistic therapies called SahaKuna, together with Federica Luciano.

Maya is a promoter of spiritual growth and reconnection with the earth and the higher worlds. Her mission is to guide people through a deep healing process, allowing the light within to shine and radiate. Her goal is to contribute to the construction of a new world, shaped by awareness and light, where spiritual priorities find their appropriate space and a holistic vision heals what, with so much pain, has been separated.

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Yuliana Arbelaez

Yuliana Arbelaez Cardona is a speaker, psychosomatic counselor and birth scenario expert with twenty years of experience. Originally from Colombia and adopted in Italy, she is an international therapist who holds seminars and courses in Mexico, USA, Colombia, Costa Rica and Italy.
Her expertise focuses on the resolution of birth-related trauma and the application of her systemic conscious breathing technique. This methodology focuses on working with the family and ancestral system to dissolve blockages and address trauma.
Passionate about quantum physics, neurobiology and shamanic plants, Yuliana continues to study and evolve, integrating different techniques into her therapeutic approach. Her work is dedicated to achieving physical and emotional balance, promoting healing at the complete level of the human being, the development of the creative power of thought and the neuro-physiological charge of beliefs.

In this fascinating journey towards authenticity and transformation, these remarkable masters, together with other extraordinary guides, are ready to be your companions and facilitators. Are you ready to explore the depths of your being and discover the magic that resides within you? Don't wait any longer to embark on this journey to healing and spiritual connection. Get in touch with us, book now and open the door to a unique experience that will lead you towards new horizons of personal growth. The path of your soul awaits you with infinite possibilities of discovery and rebirth .

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Dear Travelers of the Soul,

We are delighted to hear of your interest in participating in our next journey of spiritual transformation and exploration. At Viajes del Alma, we place great value on personal connection and want to ensure that each participant experiences the magic of our trip in the most authentic and enriching way possible.

Before proceeding with booking your place, we kindly ask you to contact our Trip Director and Host, Yuliana Arbelaez, who will be happy to share further details with you about the experience that awaits you. This prior communication will allow us to get to know you better, understand your expectations and ensure that the trip is in perfect harmony with your personal goals and desires.

You can contact Yuliana via She will be available to answer all your questions, provide you with additional information about the itinerary and the experiences we offer, making sure you feel fully prepared to embark on this wonderful adventure.  

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this process. We are committed to offering a unique and meaningful experience, and this upfront communication is critical to creating a space where every traveler feels completely connected and supported.

We can't wait to meet you and share this incredible journey of self-discovery with you.

With gratitude, The Viajes del Alma Team.


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