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Welcome the Knowledge of Ancestral Wisdom!

In many indigenous communities, medicinal plants play a central role not only in physical healing, but also in spiritual healing. Among the plants that are of particular importance we find Rapé, Mambe, Ambil and Magic Mushrooms, powerful vehicles of connection with the divine and rebalancing of inner harmony.


Ancestral Medicines and Ceremonies

Sacred Tobacco: A Bridge Between the Material and Spiritual Worlds in Indigenous Ritual Practices

Tobacco is often used in various forms during spiritual ceremonies, as an offering to spirits or for creating blends such as Rapé and ambil.

In ritual practices, tobacco is considered a means of opening communication with the spiritual world. In many cases, the act of smoking tobacco plays a connecting and cleansing role. It can be used to focus attention, manifest intentions, and facilitate communication with spiritual beings.

The Rapé: A Breeze of Spiritual Clarity

Rapé, prepared with wild and pulverized tobacco, is used in ceremonies for its purifying properties. Blown into the nostrils, it induces a feeling of mental clarity and helps to release energy blockages.


Indigenous communities believe that Rapé allows one to connect with the spirits of nature, paving the way for spiritual healing.

Mambe: Food for the Soul

Mambe, a mixture of coca leaves and plant ash, is considered a gift from the gods. Consumed during ceremonies, it acts as nourishment for the soul, providing energy and connection with the spiritual world. Mambe is also associated with greater awareness and concentration, promoting meditation and reflection.

Magic Mushrooms: Portals to the Unknowable

Magic Mushrooms, with their psychedelic properties, are revered as portals to the world of the unknowable. Used in spiritual ceremonies, Magic Mushrooms are believed to facilitate contact with spirit guides and bring revelations that guide spiritual growth. Increased awareness is seen as a means to understand one's deepest self.


In these indigenous communities, the use of sacred plants such as Rapé, Mambe, Ambil and Magic Mushrooms is intrinsically linked to a holistic approach to healing. These tools not only treat physical ailments but act as bridges between the material and spiritual worlds. Openness to these age-old traditions can offer a unique and profound journey to spiritual healing and self-discovery. Be ready to embrace the healing energy of nature and connect with the sacred essence that permeates our world.

Exploring the Depths of the Soul: The Temazcal Ceremony

Exploring the Depths of the Soul: The Temazcal Ceremony

In the heart of ancestral traditions, the Temazcal ceremony emerges as an ancient rite imbued with spiritual depth, capable of connecting body and soul with the very essence of nature. Originating from pre-Columbian indigenous cultures, this ceremony has spanned the centuries, bringing with it a wisdom that still resonates today in the hearts of those who venture into its warm and enveloping embrace.

The Origins of the Temazcal Ceremony

The Temazcal, a word derived from Nahuatl meaning "steam house", is a kind of traditional sauna used by various indigenous tribes throughout the American continent. Its origins are rooted in the Aztec, Mayan and other native cultures, where the steam bath ritual was not just a physical act, but a spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Ritual

The Temazcal ceremony is much more than just a thermal experience. It is a sacred ritual that involves mind, body and spirit. The heated stones, placed in the center of the structure, are soaked in aromatic herbs and water, releasing a densely purifying steam. Participants, accompanied by a spiritual guide, enter this "mother's womb" to connect with natural forces.

Physical and Spiritual Benefits

The steam promotes a deep cleansing of the skin through sweat, eliminating toxins and impurities. This physical process is metaphorically aligned with the purification of the soul.

As the steam envelops the participants, the Temazcal ceremony symbolizes a sort of rebirth. Leaving the structure represents a new beginning, a spiritual rebirth that brings with it greater mental clarity.

Connection with Mother Earth:


The materials used in the construction of the Temazcal, such as mud and stones, are elements coming directly from the Earth. This physical connection to the Earth is seen as a return to the roots, a way of finding balance with nature. During the ceremony, the presence of a spiritual guide is essential. 

This figure facilitates the process, offering prayers, chants and ancestral wisdom that amplify the experience, transforming it into a profound journey towards introspection.

The "Red Path" represents the spiritual path undertaken by the Temazcal guides, the custodians of this ancient healing ceremony. The figure of the person leading the ceremony is fundamental, since his or her energy, intention and connection with the sacred profoundly influence the experience of the participants.
The energy of the person leading the ceremony is a key element. The Red Path prepares the guide to enter a state of presence, focus and awareness.


Its intention, combined with the connection with spiritual forces, helps to create an energy field that amplifies the effectiveness of the ceremony. The energy of guidance acts as a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds.

The Ceremony as an Inner Journey

The Temazcal is an internal journey. As the warmth envelops the body, the mind frees itself from daily tensions, opening spiritual doors that lead to deep self-reflection. The essence of this ceremony lies in its ability to awaken a lost connection with nature, community and, above all, with oneself.

Through copal smoke, chanting prayers, and enveloping heat, the Temazcal ceremony offers an opportunity for transformation and healing. It is a ritual that, even today, reminds us that at the heart of ancient practices lies a wisdom that can awaken our soul and bring us into communion with the sacred heartbeat of the world around us.

The Cacao Ritual: Dance of the Heart and Spirit in the Ancient Kingdom of Plants


In the heart of the jungle, in an embrace between Earth and Sky, the cocoa ritual is revealed, a thousand-year-old dance between man and plant. Its origins are lost in the paths of ancient civilizations, where cocoa was considered a gift from the gods, a bridge between the earthly world and the spiritual realm.

The roots of cocoa lie in ancient Mesoamerica, where people such as the Aztecs and Mayans honored this plant as a divine gift. Cocoa, called "The Food of the Gods" was reserved for sacred ceremonies, healing rituals and spiritual celebrations. The cocoa drink was considered an elixir, capable of opening the heart and connecting man to celestial energies.

The Physical and Emotional Power of Cocoa

On a physical level, cocoa is a rich blend of beneficial substances, from theobromine to antioxidants, which stimulate the body and soothe the mind. 

But it is in the emotional sphere that cocoa reveals its magic. It acts as a love elixir, triggering the production of endorphins and serotonin, inducing a state of joy and well-being.

In the spiritual realm, cocoa acts as a portal between the tangible world and the divine. Cacao ceremonies are imbued with an ancient energy, a connection with the spirits of nature and the soul of the plant itself and opens the mind and heart to visions and intuitions.

The plant is seen as a teacher and becomes a guide, a spiritual confidant who accompanies the traveler into his own inner world and supports him, sublimates him and heals him. The ceremony is a journey back to the roots of the human essence, where the divine and the earthly merge in sacred harmony and only love and connection exists. In ceremonies, emotions are welcomed with kindness, allowing for deep emotional healing, through love and not pain.

Cocoa is a master of self-love, gentleness and compassion, using wounds as a bridge to forgiveness, compassion and expansion of the heart.

In every sip of cocoa, one finds the magic of the past, the wisdom of the ancients and the promise of an enlightened and different future, it is a dance of heart and spirit, a celebration of life itself that permeates every being and everything.

Through its physical, emotional and spiritual power, cocoa continues to intertwine its destiny with that of humanity.

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